Int J Biol Sci 2022; 18(5):1896-1911. doi:10.7150/ijbs.68977 This issue

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MAD2B promotes podocyte injury through regulating Numb-dependent Notch 1 pathway in diabetic nephropathy

Meng-Ran Li#, Chun-Tao Lei#, Hui Tang, Xing-Jie Yin, Zhe Hao, Yang Qiu, Ya-Ru Xie, Jie-Yu Zeng, Hua Su, Chun Zhang

Department of Nephrology, Union Hospital, Tongji Medical College, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430022, China.
#These authors contributed equally to this manuscript.

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Li MR, Lei CT, Tang H, Yin XJ, Hao Z, Qiu Y, Xie YR, Zeng JY, Su H, Zhang C. MAD2B promotes podocyte injury through regulating Numb-dependent Notch 1 pathway in diabetic nephropathy. Int J Biol Sci 2022; 18(5):1896-1911. doi:10.7150/ijbs.68977. Available from

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Rationale: Recent studies have demonstrated that the loss of podocyte is a critical event in diabetic nephropathy (DN). Previously, our group have found that the mitotic arrest deficient protein MAD2B was involved in high glucose (HG)-induced podocyte injury by regulating APC/C activity. However, the exact mechanism of MAD2B implicated in podocyte injury is still lacking.

Methods: The experiments were conducted by using kidney tissues from streptozotocin (STZ) induced diabetic mice with or without podocyte-specific deletion of MAD2B and the cultured podocytes exposed to different treatments. Glomerular pathological injury was evaluated by periodic acid-Schiff staining and transmission electron microscopy. The endogenous interaction between MAD2B and Numb was discovered by yeast two-hybrid analysis and co-immunoprecipitation assay. The expressions of MAD2B, Numb and related pathway were detected by western blot, immunochemistry and immunofluorescence.

Results: The present study revealed that MAD2B was upregulated in diabetic glomeruli and cultured podocytes under hyperglycemic conditions. Podocyte-specific deletion of MAD2B alleviated podocyte injury and renal function deterioration in mice of diabetic nephropathy. Afterwards, MAD2B was found to interact with Numb, which was downregulated in diabetic glomeruli and HG-stimulated cultured podocytes. Interestingly, MAD2B genetic deletion could partly reverse the decline of Numb in podocytes exposed to HG and in diabetic mice, and the expressions of Numb downstream molecules such as NICD and Hes-1 were decreased accordingly. In addition, overexpression of Numb ameliorated HG-induced podocyte injury.

Conclusions: The present findings suggest that upregulated MAD2B expression contributes to Numb depletion and activation of Notch 1 signaling pathway, which ultimately leads to podocyte injury during DN progression.

Keywords: podocyte injury, diabetic nephropathy, MAD2B, Numb, Notch 1 pathway