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Volume 3 (6); 2007

Research Paper

Differences in Apoptosis and Cell Cycle Distribution between Human Melanoma Cell Lines UACC903 and UACC903(+6), before and after UV Irradiation
Qiuyang Zhang, Yuanbin Chen, Bi-Dar Wang, Ping He, Yan A. Su
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 342-348
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Superoxide Anion Radical Scavenging Activities of Herbs and Pastures in Northern Japan Determined Using Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometry
Mohammad Al-Mamun, Koji Yamaki, Toshiki Masumizu, Yumi Nakai, Katsumi Saito, Hiroaki Sano, Yoshifumi Tamura
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 349-355
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The Amphioxus SoxB Family: Implications for the Evolution of Vertebrate Placodes
Daniel Meulemans, Marianne Bronner-Fraser
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 356-364
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An mRNA-protein Fusion at N-terminus for Evolutionary Protein Engineering
Shingo Ueno, Hidenao Arai, Miho Suzuki, Yuzuru Husimi
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 365-374
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Reversal of Systemic Hypertension-Associated Cardiac Remodeling in Chronic Pressure Overload Myocardium by Ciglitazone
Brooke C. Henderson, Utpal Sen, Corey Reynolds, Karni S. Moshal, Alexander Ovechkin, Neetu Tyagi, Ganesh K. Kartha, Walter E. Rodriguez, Suresh C. Tyagi
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 385-392
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Thermal injury-plus-sepsis contributes to a substantial deletion of intestinal mesenteric lymph node CD4+ T cell via apoptosis
Nadeem Fazal, Walid M Al-Ghoul
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 393-401
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Short Research Communication

High level glucose increases mutagenesis in human lymphoblastoid cells
Ying Zhang, Junqing Zhou, Tieli Wang, Lu Cai
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 375-379
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Versican Expression during Synovial Joint Morphogenesis
John B. Shepard, Heidi A. Krug, Brooklynn A. LaFoon, Stanley Hoffman, Anthony A. Capehart
Int. J. Biol. Sci. 2007, 3: 380-384
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